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Tax Compliance

Every month and every year, all taxpayers must file for tax returns. It is important to stay in compliance with your Indonesia tax reporting, to avoid from unnecessary tax exposures.

Let us take care of your tax reporting requirements, so that you can stay focus on your core business.

Tax Compliance Services can always be costumized based on your needs, but it usually consist of the following categories :

  • VAT Compliance
    Our service includes VAT registration, to daily routine of VAT invoice issuance (eFaktur, eSPT PPN, to VAT on overseas services, and post VAT compliance review .
  • Employee Tax Compliance
    In Indonesia, employers must withhold tax from salaries and wages of their employees and workers. There are some detail factors to consider in employee tax, including nature of employment, occupation deduction, personal tax relief, progressive income tax rate) you will find it too complicated to deal with formula, and their changes from year to year. t Let us help you to calculate the correct amount of employee tax to your workforce.
  • Withholding Tax Compliance
    All Indonesian corporations and government bodies are also deemed appointed as withholding tax agent. And, Indonesia has a quite long list of withholding tax objects, from various services, rental, interest payment with different types of rates depending on the payee and the nature of payments. Many persons find this withholding tax agent role is frustrating and time consuming, with risk being penalized by the tax authority for inaccurate amount of tax to withhold. Let us help you provide a guidance for withholding tax reporting and services.
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax
    All bodytaxpayers must file for its profit and loss accounts and file with tax returns. Our experience found that corporations often face complications in fiscal adjustment and often mislooked on accuracy of tax calculation. Let us help you to prepare or review your fiscal corporate tax return.
Tax Dispute Resolution

No want wants to deal with tax officer if we  don’t have, yet,  situations such as tax refund, tax audit, or tax appeal are often unavoidable. Let us assist in any mode you need and tell us your budget. There is no way to tax risk of facing tax audit and loose the battle without making the best position or defense as taxpayer.

Tax Planning Advisory

You may often find your current business operation or structure causes you to be paying too much of tax and cause you to be not competitive with the market. Discuss with of your operation and tax cost situation, let us help brainstorm it out.

You may also have new business plan and wonder it the tax implications from doing business in Indonesia. We can help you calculating your tax cost and run through every tax implications from it.

Tax Planning does not have to be illegal, it sometimes about finding loopholes make use of the best facilities under the law.

Tax Diagnostic Review

As Indonesia tax system adopt the self assessment for calculation and reporting of taxations, most taxpayers are assumed to be well equipped with Indonesian tax knowledge. In real situation, this is not true, even local taxpayer do not necessarily have tax proficiency. As since tax office may impose penalties and surcharges for imperfections of your compliances, it will be painful process to bear all unnecessary tax risks. Consider hire us to do a routine check-up on your transactions, financial reporting and avoid regrets.

In HSI Consulting, we can help you conduct a tax review to identify and evaluate risks and provide reports and recommendations on:

  • The company's compliance with the prevailing tax laws and regulations
  • The company's potential exposure to tax assessments and penalties
  • Improving the company's tax administration system
Transfer Pricing

We offer advice and assistance in the following ways:

  • Creating Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Representing before Transfer Pricing Authorities

Other Value Added Services relating to:

  • Planning Opportunities to achieve lower taxation for the group
  • Assisting clients in Benchmarking vis a vis other players in the same industry
  • Drafting of Inter-Company agreements, review of documentation etc.
Custom Services

Customs Legislation and Procedures is a complex area that can have a significant impact on business practices and operating costs. It is an area that is often left to third parties, such as Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents, who may not have the necessary commercial information or knowledge of Customs processes to maximize duty savings within your organization.

Our services are specialize in and can support your organization by :

  • Analyzing your corporate business processes and delivering solutions that ensure measurable and quantifiable reductions to your duty and VAT liability
  • Identifying the most appropriate Customs Regime to support your business strategy
  • Advising on Import Licenses, classification, valuation, duty reliefs, preferences, end-use etc
  • Conducting audits to ensure continued Customs compliance and best practice
  • Preparing fully documented audit procedures to save time and effort during official Customs audits
  • Negotiating and liaising with Customs on clients behalf to ensure agreements of concessions to support business practices and regimes
  • Identifying and delivering specialist Customs training Representing clients on custom disputes (such as audit, objection and tax/custom court)

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